Side By Side

A fun, catchy pop/dance track.

We're going back to basics with Side By Side. A simple repetitive hook with a classic 4/4 drum loop makes this simply a 'great tune'.


Our new track is out now on Blanco Y Negro Music!

Daybreak is a trancy sounding EDM track with a great drop the crowd will love.


Another uplifting trance track from us.

A good old trance banger with a huge anthemic breakdown.

Beautiful Skies

It's been on the back burner for a long time but Beautiful Skies finally gets released and is out now!

A throwback to the anthems of the late 90's trance scene, Beautiful Skies has that uplifting, banging sound that will fit into any trance DJ's set.


Our latest track 'Change' is out now on Blanco Y Negro Music.

A downtempo trancy number so very different to our other releases.

The Riddler

Something very different from us here now available on Blanco Y Negro Music.

The Riddler very much sits in the electro, dance/pop genres.


After a slight delay, we're back with our next original track 'Liberty'.

More downtempo vibes with a lovely kick and snare to give it a bit more of a lively undertone.

Brighter Things Ahead

The third track from our downtempo trilogy is now released on Blanco Y Negro Music.

Slightly more energetic than 'Breathe' and 'Chillin' but really pushing the positive vibes.


As the name says, this track is all about relaxation.

A nice repetitive synthetic guitar and as usual lots of dreamy pads!

Available on all your favourite streaming platforms.


Our new track 'Breathe' is out now on Blanco Y Negro Music.

A laid back, relaxing track with an uplifting drop.

The Way It Was

A very relaxed track with a feeling of comfort to it.

Heavy on the pads with a catchy, repetitive hook.

Available on all your favourite streaming platforms.

When You Came In

When You Came In is the latest addition to our downtempo catalogue of tracks.

As usual, it is an uplifting, emotional track to stir a mixture of feelings.

The Stars Above

This track is an uplifting, emotional piece of music. A downtempo track to relax to.

Available on all your favourite streaming platforms.


Elevation is an EDM, progressive house track with a trancy edge.

Retaining the uplifting vibe of our downtempo tracks.

DMC Releases

We have been producing remixes and two trackers for DMC for over 14 years!

Samples and buy links of all our DMC releases can be found following the link below.