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Sound Of Faz Productions has been producing music for 20+ years. Our first ‘break’ was with a mash-up release on the DMC Commercial Collection back in 2006! (To hear what our first release sounded like, you can hear a sample here. If you like it, click through to the DMC Download site to buy it!)

20 years is a long time so inevitably there are lots of times where it can feel like you’re not getting anywhere but the feedback and ‘mini wins’ along the way with regular, monthly releases on DMC really spurred us on to continue. The past 12 months alone has seen us have 4 remixes officially released for David Corbell, Eliot Kennedy and Rednex, producing the music for a stage version of Peter Pan, sharing 3 original tracks with the world on all platforms and having 3 tracks signed to the mighty Blanco Y Negro Music. All of which are major wins 🙂 Alongside all of this, we have numerous projects in the air currently with one particular remix project involving a VERY well known act. More details on that when we can share them!

When we say ‘Support Us’, we obviously don’t want donations or money of any kind or your email addresses in return for some kind of ‘special’ content. All we ask is that if you like what we’re doing, please follow us on our platforms. We are all over the web (just google ‘Sound of Faz’) but our main platforms that keep us busy are Spotify, YouTube and our Facebook group. Links to all 3 are below. So if you have a second please join us on this journey. We have even made it super easy for you to join us on Spotify and YouTube, simply hit the buttons below then when you have time, enjoy our existing content on Spotify, YouTube and our Facebook Group and if you like something we’ve posted or a track we’ve uploaded, hit ‘Like’ or ‘Share’.

Thanks so much for all your support!