Change to Mixcloud DJ’s free users

Change to Mixcloud DJ’s free users Posted November 17th, 2022 in General

It is worth noting everything below is only relevant for DJ’s who have a Mixcloud page and upload their mixes to it, this is nothing to do with listeners so for all you guys that tune into SOF Radio live, this doesn’t affect you at all!

Today I had an update from Mixcloud about some changes to their free accounts. If you’re a DJ that uploads your mixes to Mixcloud this could be important for you to know.

On December 1st all Mixcloud free accounts will be restricted to only allow you to display 10 mixes/shows at any one time. Nothing will change automatically with your page on December 1st but you will need to make a decision. You can either:

1) Pick out your best 10 mixes and change all the others to ‘Draft’ (whether or not you can do that in bulk if you have hundreds of shows is unclear)

2) Upgrade to Mixcloud Pro which costs £9 per month.

It’s a bit of a pain but I can understand why they’re doing it, they must have a hell of a lot more DJ’s using a free account than have a pro account so they need to tilt that the other way to recoup some costs especially given they pay over all licensing costs too so all in all, unlimited mix uploads, live streaming and having all royalties covered is definitely worth £9 a month.

The full release with more details is below:

Earlier this month we announced upcoming changes to the platform. From December 1st we’re introducing a maximum allowance of 10 published shows for creators on the basic tier. This is the total number of shows, not a monthly allowance.

We’ve listened to your feedback and I’d like to add further clarification to what will happen from December 1st.

Shows will not be deleted or moved

We will not delete or move any content, you will always be in control of whether your shows are published or remain in draft format. From December 1st onwards, nothing will automatically change on your channel, your shows will remain available to listen to until you want to publish a new show. At that point, if you have more than 10 shows on your channel, you will need to choose from 2 options:

Your options if you have over 10 shows

You can either:

  • 1. Stay on the basic tier and organize your channel so you have 10 or less published shows. This doesn’t have to be the 10 most recent shows, it’s up to you what content you want to highlight and remember, this is still 26x more space than SoundCloud offers. You will need to move all other shows into drafts, but rest assured listener stats, comments, chart positions and favorites on those shows will be preserved and you can always republish them in future.
  • Or:

  • Upgrade to Pro for an unlimited show and track allowance. Why not try out Pro with our biggest discount yet: 70% off for your first three months, Redeem the offer before November 30th, 2022.

Pro membership benefits:

We’ve built Pro to help creators grow, share and monetize their music online. It’s a toolkit aimed at DJs, producers and artists at any stage of their journey.

  • Publish unlimited shows and tracks
  • Live stream without takedowns
  • Share music in HQ audio
  • Grow with engagement stats
  • Earn money with channel subscriptions or tipping
  • Stay on track with scheduled uploads
  • Message your followers with posts
  • Don’t forget, you can make additional savings by subscribing to the Pro Annual plan here.

New payment methods enabled

We have made it easier for creators who may not have a Visa or Mastercard by enabling more ways to pay for Pro. Including Direct Debit, iDEAL, Bancontact and SEPA.

Pro memberships help keep Mixcloud going

We cover the hosting costs for the millions of shows on Mixcloud, uploaded by users on all tiers. We also pay out millions of dollars every year to the artists and right-holders whose music is streamed on Mixcloud by using our content ID software to identify the tracks included within a mix. This enables us to provide a service where creators can safely upload content and live stream in the knowledge that the copyright is cleared and royalties are paid, so shows are never muted or taken down.

However, these costs have risen significantly over the years and we are not profitable. Pro subscriptions offset those costs to ensure we can sustain ourselves as a business. Adverts make up only 10% of our revenue and we need a mixed model to keep going.

Learn more about your options and prepare for the changes here.

Have more questions? Read our FAQ article here.

Thank you for all your feedback since we announced the upcoming changes, and for helping to support us in our long-term vision to build a fairer music ecosystem for everybody.

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