Force & Styles – Heart of Gold NHS Tribute

Force & Styles – Heart of Gold NHS Tribute Posted May 27th, 2020 in Remixes

Back in the middle of March this year, we were well into the craze of various DJ’s streaming their mixes online and a few times from different DJ’s I heard the happy hardcore classic “Heart of Gold” played.

The chorus definitely hit a chord with me and I decided that in every stream I did I would play this as the last track as my little nod to the NHS who have gone (and are still going) above and beyond to keep us all safe and look after us.

A couple of weeks later I was in the studio freestyling on the keyboard playing random melodies to see which one ‘stuck’ like I do and inadvertently found myself playing the chords to Heart of Gold so I figured I’d play it properly and record it not knowing what I could do with it or how it would sound (given the original track was around 140BPM and my metronome was ticking at 90BPM!)

What came out sounded great so I worked on it from there building up all the layers and finished it off with the vocal (sadly there was no acapella ever released so I just filtered out the background instruments from the original track which left me with a relatively fuzzy sounding vocal) I was very pleased with the end result but it was still not completed in my eyes. I decided at this point this had to be done right so I could get it out there as a tribute to the NHS given my earlier thoughts on the chorus really hitting home with me.

So after a couple more days tweaking here and there and adding a string crescendo after the bridge it was completed. I figured to really work this needed a video so I worked with HMB Media to create a video around the track basically filled with photos and short videos from staff at the ICU department in Lancaster Infirmary (my local hospital).

The end result is below. To date the video has over 4700 views on facebook and over 2000 views on youtube and as far as I’m concerned it has done it’s job so far…..

I say so far because after producing this there are a few things going on in the background which I unfortunately can’t tell you about yet but rest assured once I can I will do. Will it be an announcement? Will it be a collaboration? Unfortunately you’ll just need to wait and see! 🙂

Here is the video, please enjoy and think of the NHS.

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