New track to be released shortly…

New track to be released shortly… Posted June 11th, 2020 in Originals

Like many other dance music producers, for years we produced only mash-ups and were active members of the mash up forums that were around then such as Get Your Bootleg On The natural progression from there was moving into remixes which was a huge leap and much more difficult (and still is!) but I am sure I am not alone in saying the aim is to produce original music. It’s all very well taking other artist’s work and making it your own with a remix, or a mash-up for that matter, but at the end of the day, it is still music that was created originally by someone else.

A few years ago we started playing around with string and synth sounds (as we love to!) and the bare bones of Mellowed came about. From there that track pretty much stayed where it was unfinished until earlier this year. In effect this was the first original track we produced but it always was a tester, a ‘guinea pig’ as it were.

Our first ‘proper’ original track is the one we are writing about here ‘Everything Is Beautiful’. Our love of late 90’s trance shines through with the moody breakdown that takes you nicely into the uplifting melody.

Currently, we are still deciding how to get this out there and there are a few different things we are sorting out but we will update you on this when we know the route we are going to take.

For now though, this is just a heads up to watch out for this track. When we’re a little closer we will write another post with a teaser sample 🙂

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