Regular radio show planning in progress…

Regular radio show planning in progress… Posted October 14th, 2020 in General

For a long time now we’ve wanted to start a regular radio show and for the past few weeks we’ve been looking into software and licensing fees and basically what is involved in getting the ball rolling.

As expected, it’s quite a lot of work and it is clear that now is not the right time for us to do exactly that given other commitments we have and the production needs to continue! But it is definitely something we look forward to getting stuck into in the near future. With our web development skillset it will be done properly and we want to create a fantastic experience for all listeners!

So, initially we have decided to be realistic and start smaller. So currently in progress is the planning of a regular show to be streamed live on either our youtube channel, our mixcloud page or both. There are merits and pitfalls of both platforms so this is to be decided but we are more leaning towards Mixcloud which allows us to stream audio and video in one session but starting with youtube for a general trial.

We have done a lot of live video streams over the past few months but this show predominantly will be audio only (just like a radio station) but with a live video stream mix within most shows. Music wise, we are looking at a variation of genres but generally dance related. Commercial dance or pop that fits into what we like will also be included. Historically all Sound Of Faz mixes have been either house, trance or classic dance which this show will of course feature but we will also delve into EDM and various sub genres of house such as progressive. Our intention is also to showcase and get some airplay for up and coming superstars so we will be accepting track submissions from unsigned artists. In addition we would like to feature guest interviews, guest mixes and promotion of local events.

It’s obvious to us that this will start out small but it is something we are really looking forward to getting stuck into so please watch this space for more updates as they come 🙂

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